Windows Laptop/PC Repairs 

Our Services Cover everything from laptop screen replacements, broken keyboards to clicking hard drives. So don’t give up on your “broken” laptop before our team has had a look at it.

Common Laptop Faults include:

Windows Blue screen crashes (BSOD) /No power / Laptop motherboard failure / Faulty graphics chip / Corrupted or fuzzy images on the screen / Cracked, broken or smashed screens / Battery not charging / Broken power DC socket pin jack / Overheating / Loud noisy fan including random shut downs / No wifi Internet connection on laptop / Virus, malware spyware, and trojan infections – Fake anti virus security / Hard drive errors /  Liquid – Water damage from split drink on keyboard. / Other hardware or software faults*

If you have one of the above faults or even one not listed, get in touch and tell us as much as you can about the type of symptoms you are experiencing and we’ll take care of the rest. All brands welcome (Sony, Dell , Samsung, HP, Toshiba, Apple / Macbook, Compaq, & more)

We Repair Laptops…

• Fix Broken Screens, keyboards, etc.

• Remove dust & optimise

• Recover data and remove viruses

• No fix no fee


Expert Computer Support…

• Repair computer problems

• Virus scan & optimization

• Clean your laptop

• Collect and repair service

• No fix no fee

We Recover Data…

• From laptops, PCs and external drives

• Accidental format, physical damage, viruses

• No fix no fee



We Remove Viruses…

• Removal of viruses, trojans & Malware

• Multiple virus scans and a manual inspection

• Eradicate left-over virus residue

• Optimize and physically clean your computer

• 100% success rate



We Repair PCs…

Hardware and software repairs

• Upgrades and advice

• All manufacturer makes and models

• Collect & repair and Onsite services



We Support Windows…

• Home & business support

• Installation & consultancy

• Repair and optimization

• Remote & on-site support

• Printer, external device and peripheral help


Hardware Repairs
Broken Power Jack
Damaged Screens
Broken Hinges
Ruined Keyboard
Replacement AC Adapter Most Models
Motherboard Repair or Replacement
Optical Drive
Failed Hard Drive

Hard Drives with Data Transfer
Operating System

Software Issues
Virus, Spyware Removal
Corrupted System
Advanced Data Recovery